Gerald Stern


Gerald Stern has over 30 years of marketing and sales operations experience in both corporate and agency environments. His extensive knowledge of creative services, system development, production, fulfillment and customer service provides the foundation for program involvement from concept through execution.

Prior to founding WOW, Gerald worked as the Director of Production and Fulfillment at Prodigy Communications. There he was responsible for all software packaging, promotional materials and direct mail promoting the Prodigy Internet service. Gerald’s proven ability to control costs, manage complex logistics as well as lead cross-functional program implementation between Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and System Development teams drives successful execution in highly competitive, constantly changing situations where timely, cost effective solutions are critical.

Gerald was also the Graphics Production Supervisor at Coopers and Lybrand for 7 years and prior to that, worked at various advertising and promotional agencies.

Chris S. Cornell

VP Digital Marketing

As a Vice President of Digital Marketing at WOW Production Services, Chris S. Cornell combines a wealth of marketing expertise with an inspirational personal journey to offer clients an authentic and successful brand promotion strategy. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, he effectively promotes clients from diverse industries including health, fitness, food and beverage, entertainment, and not-for-profit organizations.

Having successfully managed public relations, social media, and digital marketing activities for a range of high-profile clients, Chris has an in-depth understanding of how to drive social media success. His background as a journalist and professional photographer has honed his skill in finding the unique ‘story’ that connects a business or organization to its true fans.

But it’s Chris’s personal transformation that sets him apart. After tipping the scales at 278 pounds in his early 50s, Chris took control of his life, shedding 80 pounds and rediscovering a passion for health and fitness. Now, in his late 50s, he maintains his healthy weight, runs marathons, and can bench press 300 pounds, a testament to his commitment and discipline.

Drawing from his personal journey, Chris has built a dedicated and highly engaged Twitter following of 40,000 and pens the popular “Biggest Comeback” weekly email, inspiring a fast-growing number of individuals over 40 to reclaim their health, fitness, and vitality. His empathetic and motivational approach helps to drive meaningful engagement, fostering a powerful online community.

This blend of professional expertise and personal passion makes Chris uniquely suited to work with brands in the weight loss, metabolic health, fitness, and self-improvement industries. He doesn’t just understand the marketing landscape; he personally embodies the journey to wellness and self-improvement. He knows what it takes to inspire and motivate, and he channels this into creating highly effective and compelling promotional strategies for clients.

With expertise like this, WOW Production Services is more than just a marketing agency; it’s a partner in your brand’s journey, delivering targeted results on time, on budget, and above expectations. Chris’s unique balance of relationships, execution, and personal connection helps brands tell their stories and connect with their audience on a profound level. Chris knows it isn’t just about promoting your brand – it’s about promoting your vision and your story.


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